BeSpecific 2 for BeOS DR8.x PPC 2

Category: Other
Year: 1997
Description:BeSpecific is a series of software compilation for the BeOS. Series 2 is for BeOS DR8.2/8.3 running on the BeBox and on compatible PPC computers. It includes: -an archive of the BeDevTalk mailing list -Various freewares and sharewares (Audio, Drivers, Editors, Emulators, Games, Graphics, Networking, Programming, Utilities)
Manufacturer: Adamation, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13884BeSpecific-CD2.part1.rar100 MB0xE095A8D1
#13885BeSpecific-CD2.part2.rar92.7 MB0xFBFDDD7E

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