Banyan VINES 8.5

Category: OS
Year: 1997
Description:Banyan VINES NOS, a UNIX for the i386 based on SVR3.2. Use dd or RAWRITE to write the 1.44M images to floppy disks and boot from 85INST1.
Manufacturer: Banyan Systems, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#1060885INST1.bin1.4 MB0xF4B46202
#1060985INST2.bin1.4 MB0x4E685807
#1061085REL1.bin1.4 MB0xDDC7D50
#1061185REL2.bin1.4 MB0xD6F7883A
#1061285REL3.bin1.4 MB0x41B233B9

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On Wednesday January 18, 2012 Broel Duc said:

Thanks for a rare upload!
Tried this in Bochs. Works as expected but I think the install CD/tape is missing. These disks are only boot disks for allowing installation from CD or tape media.