Back to The Future II

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Mirrorsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#109b2f.zip444.5 KB0x3732C08D

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On Thursday June 24, 2010  said:

Excellent game, a must have !!!!

On Friday March 14, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Runs waaay to fast on newer computers. I suggest that you unzip to a floppy disk then load & run on older computer.

On Wednesday June 20, 2007 guest (guest) said:

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! otnfbkggsuwdm

On Saturday April 7, 2007 Sensei (guest) said:

Cool game based on one-name film

On Saturday April 7, 2007 Sensei (guest) said:

Опупенная игруха)) особенно музон! токмо досбокс нужен

On Friday February 23, 2007 guest (guest) said:

This is a old DOS game based on the movie Back to The Future II.