BEOS Personal Edition 5 for Windows

Category: OS
Year: 2000
Description:BeOS 5 Personal Edition, for computers with Windows. An installation EXE -> zip archive volumes -> more zips. Packed by endingman.
Manufacturer: Be Corp
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6112BeOS_001.zip7 MB0x935AB36C
#6113BeOS_002.zip7 MB0x8E334BC1
#6114BeOS_003.zip7 MB0xAA97D771
#6115BeOS_004.zip7 MB0xB24A6C55
#6116BeOS_005.zip7 MB0x399E0D3F
#6117BeOS_006.zip7 MB0x573C3A2A
#6118BeOS_007.zip3 MB0x90D28DB3
#19995athlonxppatch.zip219.1 KB0x971A6DA9

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On Saturday December 19, 2009  said:

You select all the 00x files in 7zip and go File --> Combine files... That should do it

On Wednesday December 16, 2009 Wakari said:

Each of these have a single file named "". My archive programs (winzip and winrar - latest versions as of 2009) does not recognize them as archives, even if I change the extensions to zip. Anyone knows what to do next?

On Sunday October 4, 2009 Duane W. Hancock said:

I downloaded this a few weeks ago and had problems. The first archive file had to be unziped and then use 7z to de archive. When using 7z, it reported a couple files were corrupt. The other archives I had problems de-archiving them into useful files. I would recommend that the files be re-archived only 1 archive deep and not zipped and then zipped again.
I would try it again if I hear that the archive files are fixed.