BBL/Abundance 2.1

Category: Other
Year: 1997
Description:Abundance is a Forth-based business programming language, written in BBL Forth. BBL is a 32-bit DOS FORTH compiler. Distributed as is. See the warnings. This is not for the faint hearted. It would be of interest mainly to someone developing software for the third world where you need fast execution on old klunker XT and AT computers. You can write some very sophisticated data entry programs with it that will run circles around modern data entry programs. Also runs on the latest Pentium IVs. (see BYTE vol. 11/1986 n. 10) AB.ZIP (Abundance) BBL.ZIP (BBL Forth) GEN.ZIP (GEN skeletons/applications library) JPW.ZIP (Sample address book application)
Manufacturer: Public Domain
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21728ab.zip1 MB0xEA543F95
#21729bbl.zip759.9 KB0x109A720A
#21730gen.zip341.5 KB0xF974C40B
#21731jpw.zip83.1 KB0xD91A7A54

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