AutoCAD r12 release 12

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1992
Description:AutoCAD release 12 - DOS ONLY as it runs in protected mode
Manufacturer: Autodesk, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#9743ACAD-r12.zip7.4 MB0x35EFB57

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On Saturday March 12, 2022 maddog386 said:

Awesome, works great on my 486/dx2 66mhz with 16mb ram and msdos 6.22.


On Tuesday February 22, 2022 Alex Ruben said:

Works on any DOS version since 3.00, works in DOSBOX as well.

On Thursday July 19, 2018 lucian said:

hola soy de buenos aires lo pude corre pero con errores no puedo abrir algunos dialogos y menus.saludos luciano. estoy en un win7 con dosbox

On Tuesday November 7, 2017 Terry Havard II said:

What version of MS-DOS is this for? I am planning on getting MS-DOS 6 so that I can run AutoCAD, but I really have no idea what version of DOS will run AutoCAD.

On Friday April 15, 2016 olier said:

@Dmitriy Kupriyanov
1) Refer to "mount" command in DOSBox,
I created a folder c:\msdosc
(I also created two other folders,
c:\msdosa and c:\msdosb)
inside the dosbox-0.74.conf
(c:\users\your_username\appdat​a\local\DOSBox\dosbox-0.74.con​f )
at the very end add the followings
mount c c:\msdosc
mount a c:\msdosa
mount b c:\msdosb
c: Inside DOSBox is actually c:\msdosc OUTside DOSBox
a: Inside DOSBox is actually c:\msdosa OUTside DOSBox
b: Inside DOSBox is actually c:\msdosb OUTside DOSBox
a: is used for old software that must be installed from a: drive,
e.g. quick basic...,
,OUTside dosbox, I just copy all the files to C:\msdosa\*.*,
all the files will be in a: drive, and)
2) unzip under windows command session (OUTSide DOSBOX)
it gives the following
ACAD-r12\ACAD-ERU\acad.exe etc.
you can see that the path is incorrect.
(NOT in DOXBox)
copy and paste the whole ACAD-ERU (excluding ACAD-r12)
to c:\msdosc,
so it is actually c:\msdosc\acad-eru\...
close all DOSBOX and start a new DOSBOX.
create a batch file (INSIDE DOSBOX)
e.g. acad12.bat file,(provided by fernandofrias)
with the following in the
set acad=c:\ACAD-ERU\support;c:\AC​AD-ERU\fonts;c:\ACAD-ERU\ads;c​:\ACAD-ERU\tutorial
set acaddrv=c:\ACAD-ERU\drv
set acadcfg=c:\ACAD-ERU
c:\ACAD-ERU\acad %1 %2
the c:\acad12.bat (INside DOSBOx) is actually c:\msdosc\acad12.bat (OUTside DOSBox)

On Sunday March 6, 2016 Dmitriy Kupriyanov said:

Please, can you describe what should be the name of .BAT file and i would be gratefull for a short guide how to run it.
Now the actions i made are:
1. Installed DOSbox
2. Placed the folder from the .zip archive into C:\ACAD-ERU
3. Tried to launch the .exe from the folder using DOSbox, and it gave an error that cant open BASE.DCL file
Please help and say what am i doing wrong.
Thanks in advance!

On Thursday February 18, 2016 definingsound said:

Awesome! Had to use the default directory name ACAD-ERU, and also used the .BAT file shown in the comments. Worked perfectly in DOSbox with no further tweaks.

On Thursday January 16, 2014 Solkim said:

I made the .bat file with the paths as fernandofrias suggested. It runs very well in DosBox. Thanks...

On Sunday April 21, 2013 fernandofrias said:

Funciona expectacular
Si usan DOXBOX asegurense de crear un archivo .BAT en la carpeta ACAD-ENU que contenga lo siguiente
set acad=c:\ACAD-ERU\support;c:\AC​AD-ERU\fonts;c:\ACAD-ERU\ads;c​:\ACAD-ERU\tutorial
set acaddrv=c:\ACAD-ERU\drv
set acadcfg=c:\ACAD-ERU
c:\ACAD-ERU\acad %1 %2

On Sunday March 10, 2013  said:

Fallbacks to minimal (read unusable for anything useful) mode due to a lot of file not found errors.
The program is configured to run on an unknown path, i'm unable to find the correct path.
Someone with expertise on ACAD R12 may get it up & running in a whim.

On Sunday January 9, 2011 laird kelly said:

Oops, typo... that should read "...runs code in both real mode and protected mode" (Windows only allows protected mode and thus dos proggys that require real mode won't run under windows)