AutoCAD 386 R-12

Category: Other
Year: 1992
Description:Working version, I've tried it. (Note: if you want to install it without copying them all to floppy disks, follow this instructions: 1. copy disk1 to the root directory of the HD 2. start the installation 3. if it requests the next disk, copy it to the same root dir. )
Manufacturer: Autodesk
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7556Disk1.zip479 KB0x79DA56D2
#7565Disk10.zip1.1 MB0x1FCBBA9F
#7566Disk11.zip910.3 KB0x135322DF
#7567Disk12.zip731.2 KB0x96141DE5
#7568Disk13.zip1 MB0xCAC18EF
#7569Disk14.zip1 MB0x3515CE30
#7570Disk15.zip835.5 KB0x7D73CE98
#7557Disk2.zip939 KB0xAD0517D6
#7558Disk3.zip1 MB0x91B53DC5
#7559Disk4.zip954.1 KB0x32F36FE5
#7560Disk5.zip1.1 MB0x891C6FC7
#7561Disk6.zip753 KB0x53072A9E
#7562Disk7.zip420.5 KB0x3F416BE3
#7563Disk8.zip481.1 KB0x144131F5
#7564Disk9.zip472.4 KB0x877BA812

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On Friday November 17, 2023 C.D. Jensen said:

AME authorization code from user Charles Lestrange is bogus.

On Thursday July 20, 2023 Charles Lestrange said:

found this code for ame in a product key list: 13010083217

On Saturday February 19, 2022 Alex Ruben said:

I have cleaned the first installation disk of personal information so it's not registered to anyone and uploaded it to WeTransfer:
I kindly ask the original contributor to add it to the disk set instead of the original disk1, in order to prevent sharing personal information.

On Friday February 18, 2022 Alex Ruben said:

Installs and works perfectly on real machines and in DOSBOX. Make sure that the files are not read-only on the first install disk, the rest are not important and can be left as is.
Best driver for most of the SuperVGA cards is "Vesa SuperVGA ADI 4.2 display and rendering". If you use the older similarly named "SVADI Super VGA ADI 4.2", you will be limited to only 16 colors, because the 256 modes do not work properly with that one.

On Sunday December 24, 2017 dav said:

AME authorization code not provided (or I am not able to find it). So it is not possible to make working AME extension.

On Monday February 4, 2013 andrew24 said:

The install files are set to read only permissions, and can cause the install program to fail. This can be easily fixed by using the DOS command "attrib -r *.*" on every floppy disk or by unchecking the read only permissions in Windows.