AutoCAD 386 R-12

Category: Other
Year: 1992
Description:Working version, I've tried it. (Note: if you want to install it without copying them all to floppy disks, follow this instructions: 1. copy disk1 to the root directory of the HD 2. start the installation 3. if it requests the next disk, copy it to the same root dir. )
Manufacturer: Autodesk
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7556Disk1.zip479 KB0x79DA56D2Fake?
#7565Disk10.zip1.1 MB0x1FCBBA9F
#7566Disk11.zip910.3 KB0x135322DF
#7567Disk12.zip731.2 KB0x96141DE5
#7568Disk13.zip1 MB0xCAC18EF
#7569Disk14.zip1 MB0x3515CE30
#7570Disk15.zip835.5 KB0x7D73CE98
#7557Disk2.zip939 KB0xAD0517D6
#7558Disk3.zip1 MB0x91B53DC5
#7559Disk4.zip954.1 KB0x32F36FE5
#7560Disk5.zip1.1 MB0x891C6FC7
#7561Disk6.zip753 KB0x53072A9E
#7562Disk7.zip420.5 KB0x3F416BE3
#7563Disk8.zip481.1 KB0x144131F5
#7564Disk9.zip472.4 KB0x877BA812

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On Sunday December 24, 2017 dav said:

AME authorization code not provided (or I am not able to find it). So it is not possible to make working AME extension.

On Monday February 4, 2013 andrew24 said:

The install files are set to read only permissions, and can cause the install program to fail. This can be easily fixed by using the DOS command "attrib -r *.*" on every floppy disk or by unchecking the read only permissions in Windows.