Category: Games
Year: 1991
Description:Armour-Geddon is a 3D computer game developed and published in 1991 by Psygnosis for the Amiga, DOS and Atari ST platforms. The setting for the game is post-nuclear holocaust Earth, where privileged group of humans have made it through the war in purpose-built shelters while rest of the humankind suffered. People outside, disapproving how they have been treated, have secrectly constructed a laser cannon to even the score. The player takes the side of the Sheltered ones trying to prevent the outsiders from shooting the cannon. This is possible only by collecting all five pieces of an ancient neutron bomb and dropping it on the hostile beam cannon. In addition to this, the player must defend the base from enemy attacks and gain time by destroying generators powering the beam weapon. There is a strategic view where player can allocate scientists to develop more effective weapons and engineers to manufacture them. In the 3D vehicle simulation, the player pilots up to six different vehicles in the battlefield including heavy and light tanks, hovercraft, helicopters, fighters and bombers.
Manufacturer: Psygnosis
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4321Armour.zip1.5 MB0xDA743885

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