Alpha Four 1.0 1.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1990
Description:Alpha Four is a powerful, menu-driven database management system.
Manufacturer: Alpha Four
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5274Alpha Four version 1.0.zip873.8 KB0xE36A7CBF

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On Friday March 15, 2013 al tracker said:

This download of Alpha Four V1 installed ok. Just copied all files to my B: Ram drive and program is installed to ALPHA4 on the target directory of your choice. Also asks if monitor is color and if config.sys should be updated.

On Monday July 23, 2012 Don Low said:

This download of Alpha Four will not install, from Windows OR from a DOS box. It is expecting installation disks. (floppy disks) Maybe if copied to a floppy disk and run under a DOS box, or maybe even a CD. But not like it is. Won't work.

On Thursday April 19, 2012 Ashley Claiborne said:

Alpha 4 will not install. it appears to be a valid program. but the install exe gets confused in vista.

On Wednesday April 13, 2011 soundman2000 said:

Why can I not download this or anyhing else from the site?

On Friday February 26, 2010  said:

My comment is on vetusware not alpha four. your site is amazing and magnificent.. BUT .. the limitation of one only download per day makes life so bad ..