Aladdin 1

Category: Games
Year: 1994
Description:Another hero from Disney's hit movie comes to life in this excellent platform game. Lead Aladdin from his carefree life as street urchin to princess Jasmine's palace and beyond. Each level captures the movie's plot and feel perfectly-- whether Aladdin throw apples to trip his pursuers or somersault from roof to roof, the action never lets up and the game never lets you down. The only downside to this charming platform game is the fact that you *cannot* save-- a glaring omission that's an unreasonable remnant from the console version. Be prepared to set aside a huge block of time to finish this in one sitting :)
Manufacturer: Virgin Games
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7208ALADDIN.rar1.6 MB0x2CA6C2B3

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