Akalabeth: World of Doom

Category: Games
Year: 1979
Description:Akalabeth: World of Doom is a role-playing video game that had a limited release in 1979 and was then published by California Pacific Computer Company for the Apple II in 1980. Richard Garriott designed the game as a hobbyist project, which is now recognized as one of the earliest known examples of a role-playing video game and as a predecessor of the Ultima series of games that started Garriott's career.
Manufacturer: Richard Garriott
Localization: EN

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On Tuesday July 6, 2021 Obscenity said:

Adjusted release date for the DOS port, rather than its Apple counterpart.
First official DOS port was part of the 1998 Ultima Collection.
The 1979 date was a limited release for the Apple II.

On Sunday March 22, 2015 marxx2 said:

this upload also contains the source code (written in basic).