Airline Simulator 2.12

Category: Games
Year: 1999
Description:Airline Simulator 2 (AS2), successor to the classic Flight Assignment: Airline Transport Pilot, features the most advanced simulation of the MD-83, MD-88 and B747-400 Airliners ever created. Fly with realistic flight models around Europe and across the Atlantic in highly detailed and accurate scenery. Experience the real feel of the aircraft and realistic workloads during ATC-guided flights through all weather conditions. Cooperate with the virtual First Officer who will do the systems work at your command. Package features ISO of original CD, scans of English language manual and approach charts, and patches for the game through 2.12, including a recent patch for flickering graphics when running the game with DOSBox. (This patch is not necessary if you use DOSBox-X, with the "VESA Bank Switching Window Range Check" option set to false.)
Manufacturer: Nomissoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22887Airline Simulator 2.zip397.9 MB0x1F5DC611

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