Airborne Ranger

Category: Games
Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Microprose
Localization: EN

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On Wednesday May 1, 2013  said:

Bought this when it came out for C64! Best Version.Have orig docs/Manuals.Gotta check out the PC vers. ;0)

On Monday May 19, 2008 guest (guest) said:

AR was a great military sim.
The game consisted of several missions, in which the player controlled a sole airborne ranger whose objectives included killing an enemy officer, taking out an enemy bunker, and even taking out a SAM-site.
At the start of each mission, the player was presented with a short overview of the mission, and could select a ranger from a roster of soldiers. The player was then in control of an aircraft, described as a V-22 Osprey and was allowed to drop three ammo crates over the enemy territory. Once the three containers were dropped, the ranger was parachuted into the area.
Upon touch-down, the player would have to overcome several obstacles, including enemy soldiers and officers, mine-fields, foxholes and bunkers. Due to limited ammunition, the player needed to plan his path through the territory. The dropped ammo crates provided the soldier with fresh grenades and ammo.
After completing the mission, the ranger had to navigate to a pick-up point without being killed. The ranger had to reach the pick-up point within a time limit.
If the ranger was captured (but not killed), the player could start an optional rescue mission using another soldier from the roster.
Each successful mission increased the rank of the individual ranger, up to Colonel.

On Saturday January 7, 2006 guest (guest) said:

this is a great EGA action/simulation game from Microprose. The sort of game they excelled at back in the 80's! You are a U.S. Airborne Ranger dropped behind enemy lnes to complete various missions from kidnapping to demolition. You have access to various weapons from a knife to Anti Tank Rockets. You can stand or lay down and you can turn on eight angles, your gun sights folow a second behind, simulating swinging the gun around. If you like action games where a little thought and strategy is needed, this is well worth a try. I'd give it 8.5 out of 10 myself. On a modern PC you will need to slow this game down a lot. Try DOSbox or Moslo. You can download C64 instructions from Underdogs if you want to know more about the game. (I am currently playing this game on a 2ghz win98 system and am slowing the game down to 22% using Moslo. It runs this way without a hitch!)