Agenda 2.0b

Category: Office
Year: 1992
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4031[DOS Application] Lotus - Agenda 2.0b - Installed.zip1.1 MB0xB5E28AE7

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On Monday June 14, 2010  said:

Just a quick update.. ironic for abandonware. I have recently discovered the following helpful URL link dedicated to Agenda.​us/bnewell.php?itemid=186
Its not something I would use but many say it WAS one of the best of its kind. A bit sad really, much like what WP5.1 is to me.

On Tuesday June 8, 2010  said:

Yes it seems to work in Vista, but I had to;
1.extract to folder and shorten folder name.
2. copy/move folder to C:/ (thats next to the windows folder).
3. right click on .exe files and change properties/compatibility to win98.
There is a new 2010 beta version (by same programmers) for Unix/linux/OSx called Beeswax at​beeswax.html

On Monday April 7, 2008 guest (guest) said:

This is the first outliner ever produced.
It aims to hold your to-do lists, appointments and thoughts, automatically referencing between them.
Think of it as what a PIM could become.

On Wednesday March 5, 2008 (guest) said:

very similar to day timer for task organization & a to do list which the user creates

On Tuesday May 22, 2007 i80386 (guest) said:

Agenda is the best!!! It a PIM built on a flexible free-form database. I use it every day.

On Sunday January 7, 2007 vijay (guest) said:

amazing PIM first PIM based on OOPS !!!