AddStor SuperStor Pro 2

Category: Utility
Year: 1993
Description:Double Tools for Doublespace is a software utility released in 1993. It acts as an addon to the disk compression software "Doublespace" (supplied with MS-DOS 6.0), adding a number of features such as: -Operation from the Microsoft Windows graphical shell -Additional disk check and recovery utilities -Background defragmentation of Doublespace-encrypted drives -Compatibility with 32-bit code paths -Optional use of the Upper Memory Area and Extended Memory -Auto-mounting of removable media (later included in Doublespace for MS-DOS 6.2) -Portable Compatibility (the ability to access Doublespace-encrypted data even on computers without the utility) -Splitting of a compressed volume across multiple floppy discs
Manufacturer: Addstor USA
Localization: EN

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On Sunday January 1, 2023 dieymir said:

This is actually AddStor Double Tools for DoubleSpace NOT SuperStor Pro.​Double_Tools_for_DoubleSpace