Act! 2.11 for DOS 2.11

Category: DBMS
Year: 1990
Description:Symantec Act! 2.11 for DOS. Legendary CRM software. Disk images created with CopyQM, a respected DOS-based disk imager that works well under DOS and Win9x but a little finicky under WinXP.
Manufacturer: Symantecomputing/Symantec
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13302ACT211DOS.zip2.7 MB0x4D81EEEB

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On Friday November 7, 2014 ian gifford said:

CopyQM...just RTFM. ACT! loaded just fine and works just as I remembered.

On Thursday November 6, 2014 ian gifford said:

CopyQM??? How the heck do I convert the disk images? I want install this sw onto a HP 200LX Palmtop but I am not clear on how to "playback" the image to a drive on the palmtop without wiping my PC Card A: drive and/or the internal C:. A quick tutorial/scenario would help. Inputs?