ASIC - Its Almost Basic 4.00

Category: Other
Year: 1993
Description:ASIC is a "BASIC" programming language compiler for IBM PCs and compatibles. It includes an integrated full screen editor, from which you can edit, compile, and debug your programs.
Manufacturer: 80/20 Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Thursday April 18, 2019 sergito73 said:

airmiles, if you want it, i have asic 5.0 with libs (separate package), next i will try to up asic 5.0 with the 3 libs.just let me put in zip from dos.

On Sunday March 10, 2019 AirMilesM said:

There is a version 5. Wikipedia: ASIC understood only a small subset of the BASIC language, with most versions having little or no support for logical operators, control structures, and floating-point arithmetic. These shortcomings are the reason for the software's tongue-in-cheek motto, "ASIC: It's almost BASIC!"