A86 Assembler 4.05

Category: System
Year: 2000
Manufacturer: Eric Isaacson
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3854[DOS Application] Eric Isaacson - A86 Assembler 4.05 - Distribution Disks.zip729.9 KB0xED5A64AC

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On Saturday May 14, 2022 Master Goro said:

Thanks a bunch! :)

On Monday August 3, 2009 VaynE said:

NOD32 says it's a virus
I wonder...

On Tuesday March 3, 2009 Hobbes said:

This is Eric Isaacson's A86 macro assembler 4.05 from 2000.

On Monday June 4, 2007 Rigo Muniz (guest) said:

The A86 is Eric Isaacson’s shareware assembler. The latest version is
4.05 and support up to the 286 instruction set. This assembler does not
support the extended registers and instructions introduced with the 386
processor. This assembler accepts assembly language source files, and
transforms them directly into either: (1) .COM files executable under MS-
DOS, starting at offset 0100 within a code segment; (2) .OBJ files
suitable for feeding to a linker; or (3) object files starting at
offset 0, suitable for copying to ROMs. A86 is a full-featured program
designed to be as closely compatible to the standard Intel/IBM assembly
language as possible.