A-Flow - Software Applications Visual Designer 2.1.2

Category: Other
Year: 2000
Description:A-Flow is an easy-to-use and powerful general-purpose software development and authoring tool suitable for creating a wide range of Windows™ applications, which comprises, but is not confined to: Presentation and multimedia applications. Computer-based training and testing applications. Dynamic gaming applications (such as "brick" game). Interactive database applications. System utilities, shells and integrated end-user environments. And many others... A-Flow completely visualizes applications under development. You do not write application code but rather draw it by using a point-and-click approach. A-Flow also provides interoperability with other software, even when developed by other means and running under other operating platforms in a distributed computing environment. The result from using A-Flow are freely distributable standalone Windows applications, which may run outside the A-Flow development environment. A-Flow is itself a native 32-bit Windows application. SUPPORTED INTERFACES AND STANDARDS Supported interfaces and standards include: Microsoft MCI. A simple, but quite flexible support for multimedia applications is provided. WinSock 1.1. A support for managing client-side sockets is provided. A-Flow Out-Of-Process Plug-ins. A support for linking to user code developed with other tools is also provided.
Manufacturer: A-Flow Development Team
Localization: EN

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On Saturday November 22, 2014 marxx2 said:

oir: no that I know of.

On Monday September 15, 2014 oir said:

Is it necessary to registering it?

On Tuesday February 25, 2014 marxx2 said:

2nd correction: It is for Windows 32-bit (95-XP- etc.) and not for DOS. stupid typos.....

On Tuesday February 25, 2014 marxx2 said:

little error:
this is version 3.10 and NOT 2.1.2
enjoy this very rare program.