A-10 Cuba -

Category: Games
Year: 1996
Description:Air combat simulation game presenting A-10 in Cuba scenarios.
Manufacturer: Activision
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#4897A10CUBA.part01.rar1.4 MB0xCC9D9CBC
#4898A10CUBA.part02.rar1.4 MB0xADA2F972
#4899A10CUBA.part03.rar1.4 MB0x870B804F
#4900A10CUBA.part04.rar1.4 MB0x488AFE49
#4901A10CUBA.part05.rar1.4 MB0xDBB73688
#4902A10CUBA.part06.rar1.4 MB0xFE47E350
#4903A10CUBA.part07.rar1.4 MB0xCD619066
#4904A10CUBA.part08.rar1.4 MB0xE781C070
#4905A10CUBA.part09.rar1.1 MB0xFE7AE2E

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On Wednesday March 13, 2019 martha richardson said:

i am excited to find this site, it appears to have many of my old favorite games

On Sunday July 12, 2009 strangeloop said:

If running vista you will need dplay.dll in your system32 directory.
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