86to68 Sourcecode-Converter 1.01

Category: Other
Year: 1994
Description:80x86 to 68000 Sourcecode-Converter /// Up to now, if you had to tranfer an assembler program to an another computer, we had to write a complete new source-code. To reduce this grievance I wrote a converter which translates 80x86 code into 68000 code (e.g. for AMIGA). I set more value on an optimized code than on a 100 % correct translation of the commands. The translated program should have the same speed (I mean the translated code should be more of practical use than of academical benifit). The translated code shoudn't have more lines than the original program.
Manufacturer: Nicolay Mausz
Localization: EN

Files to download

#1741286to68.ver.1.01.Multi (eng).arj33.2 KB0x1A038443

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