86-DOS 1.14

Category: OS
Year: 1981
Description:86-DOS 1.14 [SCP OEM] [SCP Tarbell] (12-11-1981) (8 inch SSSD) Released in 1981 by Seattle Computer Products For SCP S-100 with Tarbell disk controller This version announces that 86-DOS has been purchased by Microsoft, and calls Microsoft's version "MS-DOS". 86-DOS 1.14 would be roughly on par with IBM PC-DOS 1.00. This archive contains a bootable disk image in ImageDisk format. The image is for 256 KB 8-inch Single Sided, Single Density floppy disk media (77 tracks, 1 head, 26 sectors per track, 128 bytes per sector FM) Important: This disk is NOT for IBM PC compatible hardware or IBM PC emulators. SCP 86 DOS Version 1.1 - Tarbell DD Serial #1023/1.1 Copyright 1980, 1981 by Seattle Computer Products, Inc Source is Bitsavers: http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/bits/SeattleComputerProducts/
Manufacturer: Seattle Computer Products
Localization: EN

Files to download

#2318086-DOS 1.14 [SCP OEM] [SCP Tarbell] (12-11-1981) (8 inch SSSD).zip135.5 KB0x90120856Fake?

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