86-DOS 1.00

Category: OS
Year: 1981
Description:86-DOS by Seattle Computer Products
Manufacturer: Seattle Computer Products
Localization: EN

Files to download

#583386dos.zip54.7 KB0x9E6EF68B
#2318186-DOS 1.0 [SCP OEM] [SCP Tarbell] (4-30-1981) (8 inch SSSD).zip96.4 KB0x3C5E354C

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On Friday March 21, 2014 nashua said:

This version of 86-DOS is for Altair computers with SCP's 8086 S-100 board.
This software will not run on IBM PCs (without an emulator), but it is what IBM PC-DOS/MS-DOS was based on.

On Thursday October 1, 2009 dev222 said:

This one comes with the emulator in the ZIP file, and everything needed to get started!

On Tuesday May 19, 2009 Sam v. Kampen said:

For use with the AltairZ80 simulator.
More info at :