4DOS 7.50.130 7.50.130 Free

Category: System
Year: 2004
Manufacturer: JP Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3952[DOS Application] JP Software - 4DOS 7.50.130 Free - Distributions Disks.zip697.7 KB0x3990F4F

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On Thursday August 23, 2007 guest-ray32 (guest) said:

I thought it would be like COMMAND.COM. Close...
I quote it.s "Intro.txt":
"4DOS is JP Software Inc.s' trademark for it's DOS and Win9x character-mode command processor. ... 4DOS has over a hundred commands and hundreds of enhanced features." Basically, it is and advanced version of the DOS Command.com, which (they claim) works in place of all DOS COMMAND.COMs from DOS 3.1- up to Windows Millineums' COMMAND.COM and most of IBM's versions. (DR.DOS etc)
This version is of 2004, and (I presume) Freeware. The help files are extensive...