3ds Studio MAX 1.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1996
Description:First release 3ds Studio MAX on Windows NT!
Manufacturer: Kinetix
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#176633d max 1.0 1996.zip32.5 MB0x61838AEC

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On Monday February 21, 2022 Kienna said:

Fwiw, I also tried al tracker's method. Still nothing.

On Monday February 21, 2022 Kienna said:

How can one open the PATCHV2.EXE in Windows 10? I've tried a lot from Compatibility to giving full control to open the .EXE and it still does not work. Trying to run it as admin gives an error that the file does not exist(it does...)
I have no doubt this is a real program. I just cannot open it for some reason. :S

On Monday March 13, 2017 wizman said:

@al tracker:
Thanks for taking the time not just figuring this out, but coming back to Vetusware and explaining it for everyone else!!! - AppleSeed

On Saturday December 24, 2016 al tracker said:

It turns out that the patch to run this program w/o the dongle is included in the download.
There was no description on how to apply the patch. Info was found on another upload file.
The following describes the install procedure after download files are copied to a CD.
You can also probably install from a temp directory.
Run setup.exe from CD\root. A "TYPICAL" install REQUIRES 27 mb disk space.
Installed to c:\3dsmax (default)
When asked to insert diskette, browse to CD\disk2
Install completes. Reboot later. Copy PATCHV2.EXE from CD\root to c:\3dsmax.
Reboot system and run PATCHV2.exe. Patch is applied.
Run program with default driver.
Program runs ok with no dongle required.
Program ABOUT:

On Sunday September 4, 2016 al tracker said:

Uniblab9000 is correct. This software requires a HARDWARE LOCK. The files can be copied to a CD and installed successfully from Setup.exe. However, the program cannot be started as it keeps asking for the Hardware Lock and shuts down.

On Saturday September 3, 2016 Uniblab9000 said:

This looks like a crufty installed folder. Not very useful for Windows programs. Also note that this would have required a hardware dongle copy protection device to run unless an unprotect was applied.