3d home architect 4.0

Category: Other
Year: 2003
Description:DIY/Consumer home architect software
Manufacturer: bruderbond
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#182693d home architect 4.0.part01.rar5 MB0xE28C55D1Fake?
#182703d home architect 4.0.part02.rar5 MB0x25E23BCFake?
#182713d home architect 4.0.part03.rar5 MB0xD1F6B28E
#182723d home architect 4.0.part04.rar5 MB0x22E2110D
#182733d home architect 4.0.part05.rar5 MB0x26C5B1DD
#182743d home architect 4.0.part06.rar5 MB0x375F85AC
#182753d home architect 4.0.part07.rar5 MB0xFFA9549F
#182763d home architect 4.0.part08.rar5 MB0x307F5D55
#182773d home architect 4.0.part09.rar1017.2 KB0xEE00DF71

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On Friday February 8, 2019 Dog Food said:

This appears to be partially OK. I was not able to install using the Full install, it would crash (on a number of different versions of windows, 98, 2000 XP(?) and 7. When I selcted the compact installation option, it works. (At least on 98 and 2000 VMs) It appears to be blowing up on a BMP file.
BTW, you have to download ALL the .RAR files, then run the extract, otherwise your unzip will fail.