3d Studio DOS IPAS and addons collection

Category: Multimedia
Year: ????
Description:Massive collection of nearly all commercial and noncommercial IPAS plugins and other addons for 3d Studio DOS, including the Yost Group commercial IPAS plugins, the Rayman raytracing renderer, People For People 3ds, NURBS Modeller for 3ds, and many, many more. Most have not been tested in 3ds as I simply don't have the time or experience to do it, but all the archives have been confirmed good. This collection was extremely hard to find (it took over a month of research to find the name of a Southeast Asian software collection from the late 90s that it appeared on, locate a set of floppy images in an obsolete format from an abandoned anonymous FTP site via archive.org, and then decompile them using an ancient DOS program with no documentation that was the only one able to read the image format. Because of the rarity and obscurity of many of these I am uploading them as-is for preservation.
Manufacturer: Autodesk
Localization: EN

Files to download

#193143DS_UTIL.zip105.4 MB0xD908714C

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On Tuesday December 1, 2020 kokles said:

It reminds me the time I tried to track down a person who once posted a screenshot on BBS with his collection of IPAS processes and it was absolutely huge. I tracked him down, met him in person only for him to tell me the cd is lost and so until the arrival of 3dsmax, I never tasted the wonders of 3rd-party addons for 3d studio. I still feel a big hole in my heart because of all of that :D

On Sunday February 16, 2020 asensio said:

Ths IPAS made by YOST are missing part #6 of IPAS boutique

On Thursday December 6, 2018 tarace said:

I've been searching for those for years. I had an IPAS collection back in the late 90's I grabbed from Compuserve, and I lost it because of a system crash.
You Sir are an demigod, may you live forever.

On Saturday September 22, 2018 Krusty58 said:

Thank you so much Very good IPAS Collection and all work fine

On Monday April 16, 2018 trxtrx said:

Thank you for this and your hard work.
Flatshade, will you be willing to share your r4 with all ipas installed on it?

On Wednesday March 7, 2018 FLATSHADE4 said:

Good work with the software preservation. I will use these to assemble the ultimate version of 3DS R4 :)
In addition, someone should upload these to the Internet Archive