3D Studio Max

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1996
Manufacturer: Kinetix
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#45753DSMAX.part01.rar7 MB0x8DEF470
#45763DSMAX.part02.rar7 MB0x722C3966
#45773DSMAX.part03.rar7 MB0xC404B592
#45783DSMAX.part04.rar7 MB0xA57B1D3B
#45793DSMAX.part05.rar244.7 KB0xD061236F

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On Friday July 12, 2019 f00kau said:

I'm incredibly new here. I have ZERO clue how to download this. Using 64bit Windows XP Professional SP1. Extracted all the RAR's into distinct folders, now what?

On Thursday May 26, 2016 jakykhan said:

If you install this program and run the patch in virtual 32bit windows xp, you can then copy the installed files on your virtual C drive over to your real C drive on windows 8 or 10 64bit. you have to use folder share in virtual box to do this. and do not forget to change the compatibility mode to windows98/ME again.

On Thursday May 26, 2016 jakykhan said:

I'm using windows xp in virtual box. After I applied the patch, right click 3DSMAX.EXE and set compatibility mode to windows98/ME. When you run the program you will still get the error but the application doesn't terminate. works so far so good.

On Sunday May 15, 2016 xCyborg said:

there is a lock drive problem on windows 10, I can't run setup.exe or patch

On Thursday September 18, 2014 flatshaded said:

Tested & working on Windows NT 4.0
Tested & working on Windows 2000
Tested & working on Windows XP SP3
Tested & working on Windows 7 32-bit

On Thursday January 6, 2011 styloalpha said:

everything nice and in full fonction

On Wednesday December 22, 2010 blackrider1 said:

It?s versi?n 1.1.
You have two versions of it mixed on it: One instaled (works like a portable,but first you need to apply the patch) and another one for installing (using Setup.exe).
Anyway, you must use PATCHV2.EXE over the original one (installed or not). Place it into the same directory than 3DSMAX.exe,apply it to get it working.

On Tuesday August 10, 2010  said:

what osman terl said:
sentinel lock driver problem!

On Sunday September 6, 2009 mmxmp said:

TIPS: click download on next part just you start saving the one before

On Friday June 19, 2009 arfah aynes said:

many thanks -sterl'

On Thursday June 4, 2009 mmxmp said:

If eny troubles with instalation maybe I could help:) mmxmp@interia.pl

On Thursday June 4, 2009 mmxmp said:

This is really the first version of 3D Studio Max for Windows! Not fake! Fast download! Program works perfectly on my Windows 95:) Thanks vetusware.com!!:)

On Wednesday March 11, 2009 osman terl said:

sentinel lock driver problem