3D Studio Max R3 3.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1998
Description:Popular 3D modeling/animation program. Includes Character Studio + CRACK.
Manufacturer: Kinetix
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#187863DSMaxR3.7z32.4 MB0xC9D71F8F

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On Tuesday August 15, 2023 d4xis said:

Hello, please, someone help me... I am using VM and I installed Win 2000 but whatever I do, I still can not run this program on it, it says - Hardware lock is not attached, or you are using the wrong lock, or the lock device drivers are not running. What I am doing wrong? The ISO file is still active... Thanks

On Thursday April 7, 2022 general devster said:

I plan to be using this on my windows xp machine to have a somewhat original experience!
I use blender and i'm pretty good at it but i want to make 90s style 3d animation, so i thought "what better way than just use original 90s software." anyways, excited that i found a download link

On Thursday April 8, 2021 rrggee said:

Not working in XP. Works only in Win 9X.

On Thursday March 18, 2021 jrb said:

EDIT: the 32-64 bit version does exist, i had it for years, but recently damaged my install and lost the original install files, you do need to use the hardware crack !.

On Thursday March 18, 2021 jrb said:

this is the 32 bit only, wont work on 64 bit.. unless you install in virtualbox 32 bit windows install ( i haven't tried this)

On Tuesday March 16, 2021 lastivka01 said:

Unfortunately, 3D Studio Max R3 does not work in Windows 10 64-bit - resulting in error messages about a hardware lock. This is, I think, due to the fact that the hardware lock part of the software does not load properly under a 64-bit system, and the program does not open without it. Therefore, the crack has no effect...

On Wednesday September 11, 2019 scoob said:

This worked for me. I had it running and no errors on Win XP SP3 with no issues nor any need to run in compatibility mode. Does anyone have a patch for 3.1? I'll look into it later and share if I find anything.

On Friday March 15, 2019 itstheworm said:

Not working for me on Windows XP. I followed the exact instructions that came with the crack to a tee and the program still gives me the "hardware lock driver" error, and doesn't start at all.
Also tried 98/ME compatibility mode with absolutely no luck.

On Tuesday February 19, 2019 Krusty58 said:

This Version run also on Win XP SP3

On Thursday September 6, 2018 PINEAU said:

Après l'installation quand on lance le logiciel, un message s'affiche hardware lock drive non installé et le logiciel ne démarre pas.

On Friday October 27, 2017 curseofnight said:

Searched for this for sooo long! No problems with the download or installation. Thank you!