386Max 8.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1996
Manufacturer: Qualitas
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4475Qualitas - 386Max 8.0.zip2 MB0x106D35EE

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On Monday January 12, 2015 Highwinder said:

386MAX was a fantastic memory manager, but it didn't have all the features or power of QEMM. However, I'll give it this - it was stable. QEMM, for all its power and features, was astonishingly crash-prone.

On Wednesday October 29, 2014 colecaonintendo said:

Great manager for memory in old computers!

On Sunday May 23, 2010  said:

This is actually Qualitas - 386Max version 8.03.004 in 2 install directories (not floppy images). Installed and works fine under MS-DOS 6.22, doesn't seem to work on FreeDOS. Not a Fake.

On Monday October 12, 2009 kinnsy said:

try one of these.

On Monday September 21, 2009  said:

Looks real but it needs the 11 digit code.