32x DDK MAR01_95

Category: System
Year: 1995
Description:This is the much sought after, SEGA 32x DDK. It includes assembly examples for the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and a port of GCC to the SH2 / COFF for the 32x and the Sega Saturn. Also includes a bunch of technical bulletins, and internal sega tools, sample source code (to the famous SEGA logo on almost all carts!) etc. A must have for even the casual SEGA fan!
Manufacturer: Sega Enterprises
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17375ARCHIVES.7z22.3 MB0x9AB514C8
#17380SEGADTS.7z33 MB0xCB5CE2F0
#17376sega_32x.7z44.3 MB0x9431C4F9
#17377sega_bulletins.7z11.1 MB0x6806304F
#17378sega_genesis.7z18.4 MB0x41594137
#17379sega_megacd.7z34.3 MB0x372A8F43
#17381SGL_1.0.7z9.5 MB0x66B22E2

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