2 Disk Xwin 1.5

Category: OS
Year: 1990
Description:Small two-floppy linux distribution including Xfree86.
Manufacturer: n/a
Localization: EN

Files to download

#51252diskxwin_1.5.tar.gz4.9 MB0x948A541A

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On Friday July 25, 2014 milan calovic said:

This is not OS (Linux/Unix) distribution but PC/DOS X-Windows server, which is used to display remote apps using X-windows (like xterm, xclock). Applications are executed on remote computer not on computer with Xwin installed, so this is not any kind of standalone os.

On Monday October 12, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

I want to try this, but the included MS-DOS batch file only writes one disk, not writing XFree86 to the other one...help?