Category: Utility
Year: 1987
Description:(DOS Shell) File Management Program for MSDOS
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#48251dirplus v1.04e.zip127.2 KB0x8B9CCC2F

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On Saturday January 9, 2016 RuiNereus said:

This shell and file manager was developed by Bourbaki Inc., from Boise (Idaho).

On Friday February 6, 2009  said:

Hello from France!
I heard about an old MS-DOS program on Usenet. Searching for it, I only found it mentioned in your Web site.
However, I simply do not understand why you asked an e-mail address, so I created one on a free site.
Why not simply download those old MS-DOS programs which can no longer run under Windows?
Mr. Emmanuel Roche, France