123R24J for J3100 R2.4J

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Installed images are bootable on VirtualBox.(Only VirtualBox can run J3100 emulator.) In case of real machine E000-EFFF must be free.
Manufacturer: Lotus Development Corporation
Localization: JA

Files to download

#17055123r24j_120.zip3.1 MB0xEDEA16AFake?
#17056123r24j_144.zip3.1 MB0x371F3E97
#17057installed_bootable_fd.zip2.2 MB0x84074CC3

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On Tuesday April 19, 2016 motsu said:

It is necessary to arrange in the order as shown below to use Japanese/kanji input method.
jdrivsys.sys -> emm386.exe (with /kanjirom(load kanjir16.fnt) or /kanjiroml(load kanjir16.fnt and kanjir24.fnt)) can't include E000-EFFF) -> (DOS/V drivers) -> keyboard driver for DOS/V -> FEP(atok) -> jdriver (with suitable keyboard switch)-> (mouse driver)