Stacker 4.0 Patch when using QEMM386 v7.5 and above s4up.exe

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Description:This Stacker 4.0 Update (S4UP.EXE) contains everything you need to update your system. It includes: --Reduced memory footprint if you are using QEMM 7.5 [or above] --Complete Windows for Workgroups, 32-bit file access compatibilty --Improved Stacker Optimizer uses extended memory while defragmenting. Note: If your system doesn't have extended memory, the Optimizer uses conventional memory. See your User's Guide for more information about the Stacker Optimizer. You must already have Stacker 4.0 [Included with PCDOS and other DOS versions] installed on your system to use this update. If you are using QEMM 7.5, Multimedia Stacker, or Windows for Workgroups, please perform the steps following the installation instructions.
Manufacturer: Stac Electronics
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15796STCKRQEMM.7z327.7 KB0x20A9EEB3

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