MagicPC v3.50f Help Screens 3.50f

Category: DBMS
Year: 1990
Description:This is a pseudo manual for MagicPC v3.50f from Aker. I extracted all of the Help screens and combined them with text based screenshots. This is not the full manual that came with MagicPC. But it is enough to get you started. If anyone has the manual please leave a comment below. There are three files in the zip. DOSMAN.TXT is a normal text file, but I created it on Linux so it cannot be read in DOS. Use a standard MONOSPACE font to view. PDFMAN.TXT is formatted so the new pages appear correct when printing. I used PLUMA editor to create. MANUAL.PDF is the PDF manual so should be easy to print out. Magic PC is a non-procedural database system. It is rule driven and essentially a table driven rule based system, Btrieve is the underlying records management system. The version on Vetusware says it is from 1986, but it is actually the 1990 version according to the screens in the program. MagicPC The Visual Database Language (Note if this isn't the kind of thing that is supposed to be on this site please let me know.)
Manufacturer: Aker
Localization: EN

Files to download

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