XTree Gold 4

Category: Utility
Year: 1993
Description:XTree Gold 4.0
Manufacturer: Peter Norton Computing/Symantec
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3630xtreegold4.zip1.9 MB0x783A7D57

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On Wednesday September 20, 2017 John Doe said:

Windows replacement is ZTree - google it

On Wednesday August 8, 2012 Fritz Kowalski said:

Delete this damned Xtree 4 finally! It's a fake. There was never a DOS version v4. This is a patched v3!

On Monday March 26, 2012 Nordisch said:

Allright chaps, here's Tom Reuben's comment on XTG version 4:
It seems XTG 4 is the same programme as version 3.01, the only difference being the version number change.

On Friday March 23, 2012 BuBuSpidecky said:

This FAKE though.
it's X-Tree from executive systems!
as I mentioned in my earlier post.

On Friday March 23, 2012 BuBuSpidecky said:

I agree. I have several copies of XTree (and Z-Tree 3rd party port for OS/2).
All of the xTree versions I have, 1,2,3, 3Gold All Say Xtree Corporation.
However, like most early DOS software, It was originally an 'In House' development to make life easier. After the Buyout, XTree Corp was created. XTree was spruced up and Xtree1.0 was released. Back then, as today, most 'Free Time developed - In House use' software that is not intended for release is NOT owned by the corp where it was developed. Corp where it was developed only has a claim for royalties (if they exercise it). Normally in a Buyout, all 'In House' software ownership falls to the developers. More so, if they are a contractor from company A and are working at company B and develop something not part of the project, but to make the project easier, the software use rights belong to company B, but the ownership of the software belongs to the developers.
I don't have the 411 on the XTree Corp or the Developers.

On Friday December 23, 2011 vdejens said:

im trying to install, but i still get some errors

On Saturday September 3, 2011 Vinayak Sapre said:

I could not get any one of the five files requested due to "unexpected error" and now I am asked to wait for another day for any more requests. This is stupid implementation of 5 file rule.

On Sunday September 5, 2010 Highwinder said:

That is correct - XTreeGold 3.0 was the final version for DOS. The 4.0 DOS version was a hacked version of 3.0 by a user, not a company. The hack, however, was done many years ago, and is harmless and only added one new feature and added no viruses or spyware.

On Wednesday July 21, 2010 j.Paradise said:

Xtree was written by Jeff Johnson while he worked for Executive Software which later became The XTree company which in turn was bought out by Central Point software(Peter Norton, et al) and repackaged as XTree 4 no changes where made to the files/program save install branding in 1992 was discontinued in 1993
try ZTreeWin V1

On Wednesday January 13, 2010  said:

Nevermind the wino's thanks for XTGOLD! My DOSBOX is humming like it's 1996 again! cheers

On Thursday March 6, 2008 frillRizitels (guest) said:



Not only do they try to rip you off, they send your email out and you get a ton of junk mail.

On Wednesday March 14, 2007 guest (guest) said:

Not only that, XTree is a FILE MANAGER and not an OS.
You people don't even know the software you are peddling.

On Wednesday November 29, 2006 Highwinder (guest) said:

WARNING: The last version of XTree Gold for DOS ever released was version 3.0. There never was a version 4.0 for DOS! This is a hacked version of 3.0 and should be avoided at all costs. The only XTree Gold 4.0 that was ever released was by Central Point, and it was a 16-bit Windows 3.x version (which wasn't really all that great). I uploaded XTG 4.0 for Windows 3.x to this site if you want to try it out.

On Wednesday November 29, 2006 Highwinder (guest) said:

Also, Peter Norton/Symantec did not develop Xtree Gold for DOS. Whoever wrote that is an idiot. XTree Gold - all DOS versions - was written by the XTree Corporation itself.