Visual Basic Pro Dos 1.00

Category: Other
Year: 1992
Description:The visual basic 1.00 programing langauge and tools for ms-dos. This is the full professional version, and non-windows software is for dos only. Or Real Dos, and not XP, Nt, or 2k dos. 7 1.44mb install disk
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7120VBP1SETUPDISK.part1.rar5 MB0x21454AC6
#7121VBP1SETUPDISK.part2.rar3.6 MB0x4545E32B

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On Tuesday October 10, 2017 jupps said:

Thank you for this. Probably one of the finest and last software for DOS. Running the tutorial is enlightening as it reveals the origins of some of the philosophies of today's Visual Studio concepts.

On Friday December 25, 2009 Brrrz Iokplllkk said:

This is Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS Professional Edition Version 1.00 from 1992.