SuperCalc 5.00A

Category: Office
Year: 1988
Manufacturer: Computer Associates
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3789[DOS_Application]_Computer_Associates_-_SuperCalc_5.00A_-_Installed.zip1 MB0xF1D6F04F

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On Saturday July 6, 2013  said:

WARNING: this is a non-English version.

On Sunday March 17, 2013  said:

I have not looked at the available code, but I have SuperCalc 5.0 as published by CA and it works under XP Home in the DOS box created by run->cmd. If you need a copy contact me. dave1 at wcf and this is a dot com domain.

On Sunday April 15, 2012 Marc Schreiber said:

I have downloaded and extracted all files to new folder in Program Files. If I click on , I get small SC window with no functionality. If I go to help, it's in Russian. I need SC to convert one file to Lotus to Excel. Help.

On Sunday April 8, 2012 PBULL said:

Year should be 1988 if by some chance it gets changed. I entered 2012 when it asked about the year thinking it was another hoop to jump through to actually be able to download (like those annoying Captcha images.) (And can't seem to set it back to 1988 - at least on my screen.)

On Monday June 14, 2010  said:

Not a fake - Could be run on the early original luggables though! Useful that I've still got one for this to run on!

On Wednesday December 23, 2009 bzdashek said:

That's not fake. Checked.

On Tuesday June 10, 2008 guest (guest) said:

dos-based spreadsheet program, much like Excel

On Thursday May 1, 2008 kamima (guest) said:

I used it all the time on a Radio Shack computer having 2 flopppy drives (48k) and was able to manage a significant Inventory Control system. Some of the commands are still in effect today on most spreadsheets.

On Monday August 27, 2007 guest (guest) said:

Supercalc is an excellent spreadsheet. It was knocked over by the visual aspects and marketing of Lotus123.

On Wednesday May 30, 2007 GF (guest) said:

SuperCalc is the premium spreadsheet of its time, still fully capable.
NOTE: This is a non-network edition only that does not work in DOS emulators!