SOFTIMAGE|3D Extreme 3.7

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1997
Description:Cracks included. Use the CRACK.NEW, as it has better stability and enables network support. May only work under specific 4:3 resolutions.  Tested & works under Windows XP SP3.
Manufacturer: Softimage, Co.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#14970Softimage_3D_Extreme_3.7.rar65.8 MB0xF9E004B1

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On Saturday September 9, 2017 FP63 said:

Setup won't start on Win95/98/Me (piii 550 + tnt2)
On VMware 12 + winxp sp2 installs fine but works very unstable

On Wednesday July 26, 2017 zenwalk said:

A minimum required Windows version is Windows NT 3.51+SP4. It does not install on Windows 95.

On Sunday July 9, 2017 Marcel said:

Hi, I cant install SOFTIMAGE. I execut the Setup but no Icone appears on my desktop. Help me !!

On Saturday July 9, 2016 john ocke said:

Thank you

On Saturday June 4, 2016 timtam said:

Working on xp sp3 for me also. Thankyou heaps, have wanted this for years. =D

On Monday February 8, 2016 noh_mercy said:

nevermind i got it. i just needed to initiate 2 downoads at same time to get the other half

On Monday February 8, 2016 noh_mercy said:

Unable to download half of the file. I don't know if the file is corrupt or something can someone help me download this?

On Saturday November 7, 2015 Juan Ignacio Riesco said:

i have problems i need help to install because when i cliclk softimage the my computer dont work i dont know the problem is Flexlm can help me to install well the software

On Sunday October 18, 2015 kyp2003 said:

Thanks YOU!!!!
Work on WinXP SP3