Category: System
Year: 1995
Description:QEMM Game Edition is a special version of the full QEMM 7.5 package. It includes an updated version of the Quarterdeck DOS Protected Mode Interface (QDPMI), specially designed to improve Game Runner's support for DOS extended games. QEMM's memory management features are exactly the same in version 7.5 and Game Edition. QEMM in both versions fully supports DOS and Microsoft Windows, and provides EMS, XMS, VCPI, and DPMI memory management. The most significant difference between the two versions is that QEMM 7.5 provides both DOS and Microsoft Windows user interfaces for Manifest, QSETUP and INSTALL, while the Game Edition provides the DOS interfaces only. QEMM 7.5 also provides the QuickBoot feature, where the Game Edition does not.
Manufacturer: Quaterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17318QEMM_Game_Edition_1.ARJ959.7 KB0xA4E2FE7A
#17319QEMM_Game_Edition_2.ARJ798 KB0x89317C4A

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