PC Tools f?r Windows 2.0 2.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Description:Images meiner Original-Disketten plus Update-Diskette (Excel 5 Viewer, Word 6 Viewer, 32bit Zugriff, DES2 Verschl?sselung) / / / Images of my original floppy disks plus update disk (Excel 5 viewer, Word 6 viewer, 32bit access, DES2 encryption)
Manufacturer: Central Point Software
Localization: DE
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#9211DISK1.rar1.1 MB0x2088C066
#9212DISK2.rar1.4 MB0xBAF5920A
#9213DISK3.rar1.4 MB0xAEDC9C9A
#9214DISK4.rar1.4 MB0x22D64867
#9215DISK5.rar1.4 MB0xFB30C949
#9216DISK6_DOS.rar484.1 KB0x2A0B4C5A
#9217DISK7_CPR.rar900.7 KB0x2175347A
#9218PCTW2UPD.rar247 KB0xB5B1F45D

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On Thursday April 7, 2011 quantengoer09 said:

i cant get it, does someone have disk 5 ?
i have the opriginal, only disk5 is broken (unreadable error).
i need disk5, if you have it, please mail to 7stone@gmx.de

On Wednesday November 10, 2010 annadunst said:

Thanks for share, i will try it.