Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition

Category: Other
Year: 2003
Description:With Microsoft® Plus! Digital Media Edition, you can easily create, organize, and play your digital media content when and where you want. Plus! Digital Media Edition has many powerful digital media tools and utilities for your music, photos, and videos. For the digital media enthusiast, tools and add-ons for Microsoft Windows Media® Player provide the latest cutting-edge technologies to enhance your Microsoft Windows® XP digital media experience. Whether you want to copy your entire record collection onto your PC, organize and showcase your digital photos, or create and edit your home videos with exciting new sounds, clips, and effects, Plus! Digital Media Edition easily integrates digital media into your life.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#15072plusDME_iso+UPD.part01.rar7 MB0xD0F7466A
#15073plusDME_iso+UPD.part02.rar7 MB0x538952A6
#15074plusDME_iso+UPD.part03.rar7 MB0xD7FA10E0
#15075plusDME_iso+UPD.part04.rar7 MB0x6E876752
#15076plusDME_iso+UPD.part05.rar7 MB0xB48D6810
#15077plusDME_iso+UPD.part06.rar7 MB0x329D9A07
#15078plusDME_iso+UPD.part07.rar7 MB0x360F36EB
#15079plusDME_iso+UPD.part08.rar7 MB0x4C24B6C2
#15080plusDME_iso+UPD.part09.rar7 MB0xC53E353D
#15081plusDME_iso+UPD.part10.rar7 MB0xE270E84E
#15082plusDME_iso+UPD.part11.rar7 MB0x67D5E18F
#15083plusDME_iso+UPD.part12.rar7 MB0x3FBBB715
#15084plusDME_iso+UPD.part13.rar7 MB0xEE6E9A00
#15085plusDME_iso+UPD.part14.rar7 MB0xE9A806CC
#15086plusDME_iso+UPD.part15.rar7 MB0xDA947A0F
#15087plusDME_iso+UPD.part16.rar7 MB0x63762764
#15088plusDME_iso+UPD.part17.rar7 MB0xA998AE0C
#15089plusDME_iso+UPD.part18.rar1.4 MB0x83B92347

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On Sunday November 20, 2016 watonis said:

I can't extract the iso!!!

On Tuesday December 29, 2015 pootisgumball256 said:

I [pinkhearts]ing hate the [pinkhearts]ing download limit!!!