MS DOS 6.00(Sources included)

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4093[DOS Application] Microsoft - MS DOS 6.00 (Sources included).zip23.4 MB0x189ADDC3

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On Tuesday October 30, 2018 floppy said:

seems to be legitimate upon first inspection. looking at some of the assembly files now, this is cool stuff.

On Sunday December 10, 2017 NotARealNickName said:

for the issue with in source\c6ers\tools6\bin, this does not come up as infected on my machine. (Tested with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender)


On Friday November 3, 2017 Yitzy said:

Webroot claims that there is a win32.localinfect.0 virus in the file source/c6ers/tools6/bin/return​
Is this just a false positive?


On Saturday April 19, 2014 blixel said:

Appears totally legit.


On Monday March 18, 2013 Fakih Arief Noto said:

thsnk's very much


On Saturday December 22, 2012  said:

It's the source code leaked in 2000 indeed (the real McCoy!)