Category: Games
Year: 1996
Description:Dogs is a virtual pet software product, which allows you to choose a virtual dog as your pet that you ust care fore, play with, feed, etc. Was a HUGE hit in the mid 90s. A product called CATZ was also released. Disk 2 includes serial/crack. See text file. Disk images created with CopyQM (included), a respected DOS-based disk imager that works well under DOS and Win9x but a little finicky under WinXP.
Manufacturer: PFM
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#13306DOGZ.zip2.6 MB0x1B7B2845

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On Thursday January 16, 2014 Highwinder said:

Originally released by PFM (which stands for Pure F*cking Magic), now owned by Ubisoft.